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Fill out the form and join our community and start to see your Good Bits in your account as you buy, receive and donate your good bits.

Your Good Bit valuation will only rise it never goes down. With each transaction whether receiving, giving or donating you receive points towards your Good Bit valuation even as the balances of your actual Good Bits to give or donate will fluctuate in direct relation to how many you have received given and donated.

Here is a simple example: You buy 100 good Bits for $100 You now have 100 Good Bits in your account and 100 Good Bit Valuation. Now you decide to give a friend 10 Good Bits for helping you move to your new apartment. You will have a balance of 90 Good Bits to give away and your Good Bit valuation is now 110. Now you decide to give another 10 Good bits to Project Sunshine. This amount will be sent to the charity as a cash donation through A Good Bit LLC. You will now have 80 Good Bits in your account and a new Good Bit valuation of 120. Now if someone else gives you 10 Good Bits you will have 90 Good Bits in your account and a new valuation of 130. Keep giving receiving and donating and your goodness valuation will continue to reach the heavens.

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